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Merlot - Deep ruby red color with a soft buttery aroma balanced by a rich toastiness, our Merlot is drinkable now and goes well with beef fried rice, pork ribs, or London broil. $18

Cabernet Sauvignon - Rich ruby color, intense varietal aroma of berries with a hint of oak, smooth, light finish. An award winner! $18

Baco Noir - A malolactic fermatation provides complexity, exhibits rich berry fruit and smoky rustic aromas. An Indy International Wine Competition Silver Medal Award Winner! $14.95

Old Mill Red - This semi-dry hearty red blend has plenty of flavor, but soft & easy to drink. Try it with your favorite pasta and red sauce or grilled steaks and burgers. $10.95

Captain’s Choice - Medium red, with all the fruit of a concord and a drier finish. $9.95

Red Rooster - A smorgasbord of grape varieties worth crowing about! Rich & robust in aroma yet silky smooth in flavor. Goes well with spaghetti & meatballs. $9.95

Nouveau Rouge - Sweet-First wine of the harvest released for the holidays. Soft and fruity with a silky smooth finish. (Available Late November through February) $9.95

Sweet Captain - Garnet red color, full grape aroma and semi-sweet finish. Loves chocolate! $9.95

Stearman Steuben - Dark rose color, a semi-sweet version of our dry Steuben, flowery in aroma yet light on the palate. Jazz up leftovers! $9.95


Reserve Chardonnay - (dry) Fermented and aged with French Oak, this chardonnay has a rich, buttery finish with medium oak. $13.95

Dry Vidal Blanc - (dry) Fermented in French Oak offers hints of peach, mango, and honey. Smooth finish with a full mouth feel. $12.95

Reserve Riesling - (dry) A light petal aroma with hints of crisp apple and pear for your palate. $13.95

Vidal Blanc - (semi dry) First Vintage from a new vineyard and it is Extraordinary! Floral and rich in mango, peach, apricot and honey. $9.95

Riesling - (semi dry) Carries a citrusy aroma with a nice level of fruit and pleasant crisp finish. $12.95

Great Lakes White - (semi dry) Blend of Vidal blanc & Cayuga with a floral and fruity crisp finish. Try spicy crab cakes, bbq'd ham, pan fried salmon burgers or Jamaican jerk chicken. $10.95

NL House White - A blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, Vidal Blanc, Cayuga White and Catawba rich in fruit with a crisp finish. $9.95

Boxer Blush - Our most popular wine honoring Sir Arthur, a most beloved Boxer. A mellow, semi-sweet blush wine that goes as well with a gourmet meal as with hot dogs and fries. $9.95

Misty Niagara - One of a handful of varieties that tastes just like it smells. Sweet & refreshing, serve ice cold with pizza & authentic Buffalo chicken wings! $9.95


Rosebud Peach - Let fresh Niagara grapes & peaches envelop your senses, served ice cold with fresh berries & peaches over vanilla ice cream. An Indy International Wine Competition Gold Medal Award Winner! $9.95

Rosebud White - With the sweet scent of white grapes & rose petals, this blend of Niagara & Catawba grapes, served ice cold, is perfect for watching the sun set. $9.95

Rosebud Gold - The exotic scent of sweet tropical fruit suggests golden pineapple with a butter cream finish. Made from cold pressed Steuben grapes. $9.95

Rosebud Rosé - Pretty in pink with an aroma of fresh roses and a finish that dances across your tongue. One of our favorites. Try it with cheesecake, apple crisp or in a tall glass filled with sliced strawberries. $9.95

Rosebud Red - sweet red blend of native grapes. Cherry red color with loads of strawberry and cotton candy aromas. Sweet yet tart, lip smacking finish. Serve ice cold with spicy foods like hot Buffalo wings or Tex-Mex cuisine. An Indy International Wine Competition Silver Medal Award Winner! $9.95

Raspberry Rosebud - Fresh raspberry fruit complements introduce this sweet luscious addition to the Rosebud line. Serve ice cold in a tall glass with fresh raspberries and peaches. $9.95

FRUIT WINES from Niagara Landing Wine Cellars

Cranberry Wine - Semi-sweet, a beautiful pink color complemented by a delicate cranberry aroma and that characteristic cranberry bite. Great with turkey and all the trimmings or spicy foods. $9.95

Blueberry Wine - Deep red semi-sweet fruit wine exhibiting rich berry character with black cherry & vanilla overtones. Well balanced, serve chilled with your favorite chocolate dessert. $9.95

DESSERT WINES from Niagara Landing Wine Cellars

Port - A blend of premium red grape varieties, slowly fermented to develop its full flavored richness. Definitely a wine to sip by the fire that goes well with decadent dark chocolate, smoked almonds, or poured over chocolate ice cream. An Indy International Wine Competition Gold Medal Award Winner! $24

Cream Sherry - This sipping wine's characteristic amber color and toasted nut aroma lead to an exquisite finish. $18

Chocolate Dream - A dreamy dark chocolate infused sipping wine. Serve with anything (or anyone) that goes with chocolate! $9.95/$18

ICE WINE from Niagara Landing Wine Cellars

2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine - Gold Medal winner! With a dancing delicate nature. Aromas of apricot & honey. Elegant & friendly. $39.95/Buy 2 for $69.95!