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~ Dry White Wines ~

Dry Riesling 2011 • $17.95/bottle

Bright and lively with apricot and pear on the nose. Crisp apple on the palate with notes of honeydew.

Chardonnay 2011, unoaked • $16.95/bottle

Aromas of pear with silky apple on the palate. Soft citrus finish.

Reserve Chardonnay 2011 • $18.95/bottle

Apple cinnamon on the nose with honts of caramel. Aged in oak barrels from the USA, France and Hungary.

~ Dry Red Wines ~

Pinot Noir 2011 • $22.95/bottle

Aromas of dried flowers and cinnamon give way to black cherry on the palate.

Merlot 2010 • $22.95/bottle

Black cherry, pepper coupled with earthy notes and leather on a soft tannin caramel finish.

Claret 2010 • $22.95/bottle

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc. Savory notes with provincial herbs coupled with cinnamon and raspberry.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2010• $22.95/bottle

Scents of fresh forest with notes of leather. Cherry on the palate and espresso on the finish.

~ Semi-Dry Wines ~

Putney Gold • $17.95/bottle

Named after our Collie. Fresh light fruits on the nose with a long finish, made with Vidal grapes.

Raven • $17.95/bottle

Named after our other Collie. A blend of Riesling and Chardonnay.

Semi-Dry Riesling 2011 • $14.95/bottle

Rich tropical fruit on the nose with pear on the palate. A soft citrus finish.

~ Sweet Wines ~

Crofton Blush • $13.50/bottle

Our ever popular Crofton has pretty peach and grape notes.

Mountain Rosé • $12.50/bottle

This wine makes you think of the Beatles song; strawberry fields forever . . .