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Cranberry Crescendo

Like cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, this wine has a comforting feel. Sweet without being overbearing, the cranberry flavors grow subtly, but steadily.


A blend of equal parts of plum, cherry, and cranberry fruit wines with a bright red color and a flavor that is both dry and sweet at the same time. Imagine it with a sweet and sour dish!

Jewel of the Crown

A dry white wine blended with our award winning apricot wine created a light, floral aroma with a rich finish. Wonderful to sit and sip, it pairs well with spicy fish or chicken.


A rich full bodied wine, this wine is almost chewable. As the aroma fills your senses imagine it with a rich dish like beef stew.

Peach For the Stars

This soft and delicate wine has a light peach and floral aroma. Similar to a German Mosel, it is light and clean on the palate.

A Pear Made in Heaven

This wine starts with the fruit taste, flows into buttery, spice and ends up back at pear. Wonderful cold, the flavors develop after pouring.

Plum Dandy

Made with European plums, this dry wine has a fresh tartness that ends with a crispness. Its fruity aroma engages all your senses in a unique wine experience.

Strawberry Dreams Forever

This flavorful wine tantalizes the tip of your tongue with strawberry essence, then pickles of tartness in the finish.

Thursday Afternoon at Three

This blend of peaches and Niagara grapes has a rich, fruity bouquet. There are honey and grape overtones with the soft peach blossoming slowly.

Treasure Beyond Measure

The plum aroma hints at the rich taste. Imagine this wine as an aperitif or with a spicy dish.

Cat's Meow

This dry wine has a grapey bouquet. It has a slight citrus, almost lemony zest with a tart, cidery finish.

Fifty Windows

The nuances for this wine create a rainbow for your tongue. The floral bouquet opens the experience, the soft, smooth flavor has a hint of grape and then ends with a slight tartness.

Lady in the Window

This crisp wine is made from Vidal grapes and has a light, floral flavor. It can be paired with with pasta with white sauce, seafood, grilled vegetables or a lightly seasoned pork.

One Hundred Windows

The fruity aroma of this wine is a pure expression of the grape. It is a refreshing wine and perfect when chilled.


This crisp wine has a delicately even bouquet. There is a buttery feel around the edges of your tongue, with a clean, quiet finish. Recommended with pork.


This light, soft Cabernet has a light smokiness to it. It is dry without overwhelming your taste buds. A Gift from the Vine

This blend of four wines has a delicate smoothness and allows you to pair it with rich beef dishes or other spicy meat entrees.

Lady of the Manor

This wine has a rustic quality, a blend of sweet and tart. More mellow than the Steuben, there is a hint of berry, cranberry and even spice. Has a grapy feel that compliments the sweetness.

Lord of the Manor

The bright color reflects the lively bouquet of roses and raspberry. A dry wine, it has hints of cranberry, raspberry and a touch of lemon.

Spirit of the Law

This deep red colored wine has a rich, full taste. Traditional grape nuances with hints of fruit play on your tongue.

Spring Lake Steuben

This soft textured wine still has a crispness about it. There are hints of honey and cranberry with a floral finish.

Shubal's Sunset

With its deep rose color, this sweet, grapey wine starts crisp and ends tart.

Sophia's Sunrise

This rich wine blend envelopes your tongue in flavor. Hints of grape and cherry abound. NEW! Adams Appleberry

A delightful blend of apple and cranberry. Not too sweet and not too tart. Come try a taste soon!

Applely Ever After

More like a champagne than a wine, it is a blend of eight different apple varieties. This wine has a crisp taste with a buttery feel. It finishes with the spiciness of cinnamon and allspice.

Heart of Gold

Starting with the light, but distinct aroma of apricots, this wine blossoms into the richness and buttery feel of a full-bodied wine.

Blue Beryl

A jewel of a wine, it has the soft , sweetness of the blueberry. A beautiful bluish red color enhances the fruit fragrance of ripe blueberries in a semi-sweet finish.

True Blue

As rich as a Cabernet, this dry wine has a variety of berry undertones. The label features my husband Jim's true blue friends: his dogs. Limited vintage.

Cherry Concerto

A smooth wine with a gentle aroma, the cherry flavor develops slowly. Its soft ruby color reflects the cherry and it ends with an almost effervescent feel. Perfect with chocolate!

Cherry Rhapsody

Its bright cherry color and subtle aroma are hints to the complexity of this wine. Its richness includes a hint of spice and oak, yet a smooth buttery The cherry taste is the piece de resistance at the end.

Cherry Serenade

This has an intense cherry taste, as intense as any traditional port. You can taste the hints of spice, caramel and licorice.

Cordially Yours

Cherry wine infused with Chocolate!