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Riesling $12.96 **Bronze Medal Winner** - A dry white wine with delectable apricot, mango & honey undertones. 0.5rs

Chardonnay $12.96 - A dry white wine with subtle vanilla oak flavors & a buttery finish. 0.5 rs

Niagara Dry $9.26 - A fresh, fruity experience for the dry wine drinker. 0.5 rs

Cayuga White $9.26- A dry white, with a hint of citrus. 1.5 rs

White Lace $12.96 **Bronze Medal Winner**- An elegant blend of Riesling and Cayuga; refreshing with hints of citrus. 2.5 rs

Diamond $9.26 **Best of Category—Gold Medal Winner** - A sweet white wine; assertive, floral & sharp as a diamond. 3.5 rs

Mighty Niagara 750 mL-$9.26 1.5 L-$16.67 **Gold Medal Winner** - A sweet white wine, with aromas of grapes straight off the vine & ending with a hint of apple. 3.5 rs

Chillin’ Niagara $11.11 **Double Gold Medal Winner** - A white dessert wine; as sweet as Niagara grapes at harvest. 4.5 rs


Steuben $9.26 **Bronze Medal Winner** - A sweet rosé wine; mild and grapey with strawberry-kiwi and grapefruit undertones. 3.0 rs

Pink Catawba 750 mL—$9.26 1.5 L—$16.67 **Double Gold Medal Winner** - A sweet blush wine; light and crisp, made from one of the first American grapes used in wine making. 3.0 rs

Pink Diamond $9.26 **Silver Medal Winner** - Pink Catawba and Diamond at their best. 3.5 rs

Chillin’ Catawba $11.11 **Gold Medal Winner** - A blush dessert wine; as smooth as it is flavorful.4.5 rs


Merlot $16.67 - A fruit and nut combo just like the wine maker with a smooth and subtle finish. 0.5 rs

Corot Noir $12.96 - A smooth dry red wine with cherry & blackberry aromas. 0.5 rs

Cabernet Franc $12.96 - Dry red – deep peppery undertones. 0.5 rs

Honeymoon’s Over $9.26 - A fruity concord with a surprisingly dry finish. 0.5 rs

Full Moon $12.96 **Bronze Medal Winner** - A delicate blend of rich, full bodied, dry red wines. 0.75 rs

Baco Noir $12.96 **Gold Medal Winner** - A dry red wine with deep cherry & raspberry undertones. 0.75 rs

Coyote Run 750 mL—$9.26 1.5 L—$16.67 **Silver Medal Winner** - A sweet blend of Baco Noir and Niagara; a full bodied red wine with light fruit undertones. 3.0 rs

Rosé $9.26 - A vibrant red wine with a fruit finish. 3.5 rs

Honeymoon Sweet 750 mL—$9.26 1.5 L—$16.67 **Gold Medal Winner** - A sweet red wine; fresh, fruity, and bursting with the sweet, luscious flavors of Concord. Enjoy with friends—a great porch wine. 3.5 rs

Chillin’ Concord $11.11 - A red dessert wine, also known as “grape juice for adults." 4.5 rs


Cranberry $12.96 - A sweet, crispy fruit wine—a delicious compliment to your meal. 3.0 rs

Apple $9.26 **Double Gold Medal Winner** A sweet fruit wine with a delightful array of apple-cinnamon aromas. 3.5 rs

Just Peachy $9.26 - Juicy and Fresh – Delicious peach wine. 3.5 rs

Blackberry $12.96 - Made from 100% blackberries. Our best fruit wine yet! 3.5 rs

Chillin’ Cherry $11.11 **Silver Medal Winner** - Cherry pie in a bottle; you don’t even need dessert! 4.5 rs