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Cider Collection - In order of dry to sweet

Farm Style (Organic and Regular)

This cider is produced and fermented using the farm style method, relying solely on yeasts from the natural micro flora contained in the apple’s skins.  No cultured yeast is used in the production of this cider.  The result is a golden, lightly sparkling dry cider with a wine like texture and an earthy taste.  Some spiced apple notes may also be present.   This cider pairs nicely with salmon or pork.

 Fifth Harvest

This is a signature cider celebrating Donovan Orchard’s fifth harvest in 2011.  This light gold sparkling cider has an apple bouquet and is dry.  There is a hint of citrus notes in the aftertaste.   This cider was produced from Cortland, Empire, and Mutsu apples and fermented naturally using yeasts found in the micro flora of the area giving it a rich and earthy flavor.   Pair with a cheese plate, salmon, grilled chicken and lighter fare.

Crackling Apple-Cherry

Pours fizzy out of the bottle, like fiery pink champagne.  This sparkling dry cider is comprised not only of apples, but accompanied by a mixture of tart cherries.  The light crisp apple taste is very well complimented by the tart cherry leaving you with notes of a black cherry after taste.  The perfect “champagne” beverage for your Sunday Brunch.  This is also delicious paired with dark chocolate.

Organic Oak Barrel Aged Semi-Dry Cider

This cider is comprised from 100% certified organic apples grown on this property.  As part of its process, this cider is aged in French oak barrels, resulting in a dry wine- like profile.   You will notice smokey, woody notes with a citrus after taste.  Pair this cider nicely with your favorite pasta dish.

Orchardist Reserve

Produced with apples propagated here in New York State including Empire, Cortland, and Jonagold.  Apple essence on the nose and a light and refreshing taste this cider has a clean finish.  This cider was a hit at the June 2012, Rochester Beer festival and is a favorite draft selection of a number of establishments in Rochester.  Packaged 22 oz. bottles and ¼ kegs.  Pairs nicely with barbeque ribs or chicken.

Organic Oak Barrel Aged Semi-Sweet Cider

Bronze medal in the Commercial wood aged category at the 2012 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   This cider is produced with 100% certified organic apples grown on the property as well.   With a honey and apple bouquet, and a wine like texture, this cider is very smooth.  Aged in French oak barrels produces an interesting flavor profile that includes some pear and peach notes.  This is a light and refreshing cider, the perfect session beverage. Pairs nicely with a cheese plate, BQ chicken.