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Dry White

Pinot Gris:  

A crisp dry wine with hints of apple and citrus.  Although the wine does have a touch of sweetness, the crisp fruit acids balance the sweetness, giving a wine that goes well with cream sauces, shellfish, and dishes heavy with butter and garlic.  The wine has an excellent body that is very pleasing.  $12.75


A Rhine-style Riesling, combining notes of apple and pear with citrus, and balancing the hint of sweetness with crisp acidity.  This is an off-dry wine that pairs beautifully with seafood and with Oriental cuisine. $14.95

Dry Red


A classic Bordeaux type blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, a great wine to pair with a steak.  Nice fruity character, combined with notes of black pepper. A touch of oak to smooth the tannins.  Made in very limited quantity.  $14.95

Semi-sweet White

Fleur du Vin:  

This Moselle-style Riesling displays flavors of peach, apricot and apple, with a floral aroma —hence the name, which means “flower of the vine.”  The touch of sweetness balances the natural acids, giving a wonderfully refreshing wine. $12.95


The name means “of the stars” and you’ll taste stars when you try this sweet, slightly effervescent delight. $10.95


Moulin Peche:  

A delightful salmon color off-dry wine, based on merlot and chardonnay.  This wine is fresh and soft, refreshing on a hot day, or excellent paired with spicy foods.  The name is a play on words.  “Peche” depending on the accent, can mean pink, peach colored, or slightly naughty (in a risqué sort of way!). $12.95

Sweet White

Uvalina Blanc:  

Uvalina means “sweet little grape” in colloquial Italian, and that is exactly what this delightfully sweet wine tastes like--soft fruit flavors with natural grape sweetness.  $9.95

Glace Chardonnay:

This sweet luscious wine is made from Chardonnay grapes that were not completely frozen on the vine.  Think of it as a lighter, more delicate version of ice wine—and a much better value!  $19.95

Sweet Red


The light sweet grape flavors with hints of strawberry and cherry make this a perfect wine for sipping on the front porch or to have with a picnic.  $9.95

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