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2011 Sweet Pinot Gris

A unique interpretation of an under-used varietal adds a new sweet wine to the wine list. A great cocktail wine.

2011 Blauer Himmel

"Blue Heaven" is a blend of three different grapes (Blaufrankish, Pinot Noir & a splash of Sauvignon Blanc) that is one of the most food-friendly red wines you could ever imagine.

2011 Lemberger

Having rested for a while in French oak, this Lemberger mellowed out and became a gentler, softer red wine that is great for white wine drinkers ready to cross over to the dark side.

2011 Pinot Magic

A great trick for a blind wine tasting! This 100% Pinot Noir wine will shock them when they take off the masks.

2011 Pinot Noir

Having sold out the 2010 vintage in the first six months, this eagerly awaited new vintage brings everything you expect from this classic red varietal.

2010 Sauvignon Blanc

A crisp, dry white wine with a clean finish with enough fruit up front to make it seem sweeter than it is.

2011 Sauvignon Blanc

More robust than the previous vintage which allows it to pair up nicely with a wider array of foods and cheeses.

2011 Pinot Gris

Although truly as dry as either of the Sauvignons, a lower acidity mellows it out. ne of the great crossover dry whites that "sweet" drinkers can enjoy.

2010 Riesling Dry

Crisp finish and citrusy aroma familiar to all Rieslings.

2011 Riesling

The 2011 vintage once again is more robust. Stronger fruit aroma gives the perception this is a sweeter version but the clean finish proves the opposite.

2010 Riesling

This sweeter Riesling brings more of the classic fruity nuances of the varietal front and center.

2011 Semi-sweet Riesling

The later vintage once again pushes the fruit way up and the expectation is a very sweet wine that instead surprises us with a remarkably clean finish.