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A dry un-oaked fruit forward wine, hinting flavors of green apple, citrus and white peach with a nice acidity and balance. $15.95

Chardonnay Reserve: A symphony of flavor! Aromatic high notes of banana and apricot. Richly layered vanilla and butterscotch followed by subtle spice and tannin. Structured to be served with rich dishes or campfire nights. 16.95

Siegfried Reserve (Dry)

Exclusive to Schulze Vineyards & Winery, Siegfried is a specific clone of Riesling that heralds from Germany and is sparsely planted in the U.S. This wine presents brilliant aromatics of white peach and pineapple. Fruit foward and complexly layered with stunning balanace. $14.95 –$14.95


Overt aromas of honeydew and apricot marry with a subtle backbone of fresh citrus. This Riesling performs a tight rope act between sweetness and refreshing acidity. Best enjoyed with other Riesling lovers! –$13.95

Vidal Blanc (Semi-Dry)

The semi-dry white is made from Vidal Blanc grapes grown in our estate vineyards. It reveals apricot aromas with a touch of honey. $12.95

Cabernet Franc Reserve: Subtle spice and soft tannin frame this luscious fruit forward Estate wine. Vibrant aromas of strawberry jam, ripe raspberries and dried cranberries. $19.95

Cabernet Sauvignon

Layered aromatics of cranberry, vanilla, tobacco, and spice. Firm tannins and a rich medium body leave lasting bold impressions upon the palette. Shaped to perfection in our vineyards and guided with care, we give you a wine that elicits a true sense of place. Currently Sold Out


Our special reserve blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is garnet red in color. Rich oak aroma underscores wisps of cherries and dark chocolate. Great tannin structure provides a warm full finish. We chose this blend to best represent our first Meritage. $23.95

Lake House Red

Bright and bold with sweet fruit and layered spice. A rich and inviting palate leads through with delicate tannins and a warm, lingering-nish. $13.95


Layered aromas of red grapefruit and strawberry rhubarb pie. Smooth, rich and round with an easy drinkability. Perfect for sipping on any occasion. $10.95

Thirty Mile Point Niagara Wine

This wine shouts out with the flavor of fresh picked Niagara grapes. Double Gold and Best of Class at the NY Food & Wine Classic. $9.95 1.5L $18.95

Thirty Mile Point Catawba

Our Thirty Mile Point Catawba captures the beautiful color of the Catawba grape with the tropical notes of passion fruit and mango. $9.95 1.5L $18.95


Thirst-quenching yet supple, sweet red fruit flavors make this a true crowd pleaser. $9.95 1.5L $18.95

Crackling Niagara

We marry the flavor of fresh-picked fruit with a little spritz to jazz up your taste buds in our Crackling Niagara wine, an excellent party wine. Serve ice cold. $11.95

Crackling Catawba

Our Crackling Catawba takes all the guesswork out of what to serve at your next barbecue. Its lively aroma and flavor will keep things moving in the right direction. Serve ice cold. $11.95

Mon Cheri

A delicate blush color gives way to a soft cherry aroma and a lovely finish. This sweetheart of a wine is best served ice cold with that very special person. $12.95

Blanc de Blanc Brut

Our Brut opens up with aromas of peach and tropical mango and has a smooth, elegant finish. Serve slightly chilled, with broiled seafood or pork tenderloin. $24.95

RCR Red Dessert Wine

Dedicated to the memory of our family patriarch; this limited edition wine champions strong aromas of sweet cherries and luscious figs. An excellent accompaniment with dark chocolate and aged cheeses. $24.95

Late Harvest Vidal Blanc

Distinctively sweet aromatics with candied grapefruit, melon and apple dominating the senses. Rich and viscous with reserved sweetness, framed by bright acidity and warming alcohol. $24.95

Vidal Blanc Ice Wine

Distinctive aromatics of candied peaches, apricots and raw honey lavish the senses. Rich and viscous with luscious sweetness balanced by bright acidity. Truly a luxurious treasure which can be attributed to the terroir of the Niagara region. Made using authentic Eiswein techniques. $49.95

Block Three Ice Wine

Inviting aromatics of rose petals drenched in honey. Delicate undertones of pear and apricot. Charismatic sweetness with a balance of lively acidity. A truly unique expression in the realm of Ice Wine. Made using authentic Eiswein techniques. $54.95